March 20, 2013 4:57 pm

The Arctic and Antarctica

The bean and his friends have been enjoying Arctic Ice sensory play regularly since Allison McDonald shared her idea for this bin on her popular kid’s activity blog No Time for Flashcards.

Our simple set up included an Ikea toy storage bin and part of a bento container. I filled it halfway with water and froze. When you pop out the smaller container, it leaves a nice pool for the swimmers.

Sometimes the penguins populate Antarctica, even the ones that usually live in other regions.

An old shower curtain laid on the bedroom floor comes in handy for easy clean up.

We kept a reference book “Arctic & Antarctic” handy to learn a bit as we played!

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The Toys:

Arctic Toob
Penguins Toob
Zoo Babies Toob
Ikea bin (X4)
Oval Bento
Arctic and Antarctic
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