March 13, 2013 5:05 pm

Shamrocks and Rainbows

This bento lunch features green grapes on top, and a shamrock sandwich made of 4 hearts with cucumbers on the bottom for St. Patrick’s day! The stem is just a bit of bread that I cut from the scraps.

The natural beauty of food is evident in this pepper shamrock! This was totally and completely by accident, and yet so perfect!

Getting in the spirit for St. Patricks day can be as simple as inviting a little rainbow into your day.

I set up a little activity on our felt board for the bean: one 4-leaf clover assembled, and the peices available for a second one.

Same game with a leprechaun!

Linked up with other St. Patrick’s day fun food ideas on BentoUSA and Bento for Kidlet, and other activities at Living Montessori Now.

The Toys:

Square Silicone Cups
Bento Cutters
2 Tier Bento
Elastic Bento Box Strap
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