November 19, 2012 10:22 pm

Pluckable Veggie Turkeys

When I saw this pin, I knew it was just the thing to serve at a pre-thanksgiving gathering for my son’s friends and their families. I suspected that sticks of veggies may be more approachable for some kids than the salad that I had planned for the adults. The hummus was a perfect protein for our vegetarian, vegan, & peanut allergy conscious mix of families. And what could be more fun than building beautiful turkeys, then plucking them?


It seemed like it would be simple to “throw together”: veggie sticks, hummus, done. Until I realized that making all of the adorable turkey heads would take some serious time and energy, and paint that I didn’t have on hand. Enter my tech savvy artistic husband. He hooked me up with a design program and we worked together to make these cute turkeys into a .pdf.

Please enjoy our work by downloading this free printable to make your own turkeys. Print on sticker paper & cut ‘em out!

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The Toys:

3oz Cups
Sticker Paper
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